Loison uses only top-quality ingredients carefully selected. We rely on Slow Food presidia and geographically certified food specialties recognized by the European Union. For our products, we choose only high-quality fresh milk, extra-fresh hen eggs, and multifloral honey, all sourced from certified Italian farms. Our creations are enriched with candied fruit: orange peels from Sicily, Diamante citron from Calabria, late Ciaculli mandarin (Slow Food presidium) from Sicily, and dried Dottato fig from Calabria. To decorate and glaze our sweets, we use only Italian almonds, IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, and PDO Bronte pistachio (Slow Food presidium). Loison leavened products may also contain local excellences such as Cervia whole sea salt, Sibari licorice, Genoese rose syrup (Slow Food presidium), Savona chinotto (Slow Food presidium), and Mananara vanilla from Madagascar (Slow Food presidium). To learn more about our ingredients and offerings, visit our website www.loison.com.