Some of our recipes include the use of candied fruits sourced from the best selected companies: oranges from Sicily, late mandarins from Ciaculli, and diamond citron from Calabria. If you prefer a sweet treat without this ingredient, we recommend checking our catalog and/or our website to discover the wide range of delights that do not contain it!

If you prefer products without candied fruit, here are some suggestions:

We always strive to fulfill our customers' wishes, which is why we have created products for those who, like you, prefer sweets without candied fruits. For Christmas, for example, you could try the Regal Chocolate Panettone or the Marron Glacé Panettone. Alternatively, you can try our Pandori. For Easter, we can recommend the Candied-Free Colomba or the Almond Focaccia. We also suggest our Veneziane, particularly the Pistachio Veneziana with pistachios and Bronte pistachio cream.